Word Parts Dictionary: Standard and Reverse Listings of by Michael J. Sheehan

By Michael J. Sheehan

I assumed the publication was once certainly solid at breaking down the phrases. i purchased it to assist me research for the GRE. yet i discovered one other booklet that could be a lot more cost-effective and i've been utilizing it extra, so i might suggest the e-book "Dictionary of observe Roots and mixing Forms," through Donald Borror, which will research for the GRE.

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Salt or ester of an acid ending in -ous (nitrite); 7. min¬ eral or rock (anthracite) itea- comb willow tree (iteatic) -iter- base repeat (reiterate) ithy- comb erect; straight (ithyphallic) -itic suf relating to; of (syphilitic) -itiner- base journey (itinerary) -ition see -ation -itious 5 uf having the nature of; characterized by (fictitious) -itis suf inflammation; disease (bronchitis) -itive see -ative -itol suf names of alcohols with more than 1 hydroxyl group (mannitol) -ity s uf state; character; condition (nobility) DICTIONARY 45 -ium sw/noun ending (oppro¬ brium) -ive 1.

Also konio- (koniosis) coni-2, cono- comb cone (conifer¬ ous, conodont) conico- comb conical (conicocylindrical) conist- base dusty place (conistery) conjugato- comb coupled; paired (conjugato-palmate) connict- base blink (connictation) conniv- base blink (connivance) connochaet- base gnu (connochaetes) conoido- comb nearly conical (conoido-hemispherical) consil- base in accord; agreeing (consilience) contig- base adjacent (contiguous) contin- base unceasing (continu¬ ous) contorto- comb twisted (contortofoliaceous) contra- pre against; contrary; oppo¬ site (contradiction) contre- pre opposite (contrecoup) contum- base insolence; stubborn¬ ness (contumely) convexo- comb rounded; convex (convexo-concave) -cop- base beat; strike (syncope) 21 concavo- • coryncoph- base deaf (cophosis) copi- base abundance (copious) copro- comb excrement; filth (coprolite); obscenity (coprology) coraci-, coraco- 1.

To place (emplace¬ ment); 4. to restrict (embrace) emberiz- base bunting ( emberizine) embol-, emboli-, embolo- comb plug; obstruction; patch; stopper (embolism, emboliform, embololalia) embryo- comb fetus (embryogeny) -erne suf [linguistics] significant contrastive unit (phoneme) -emesis, -emetic, emeto- comb vomiting (hematemesis, antiemetic, emetophobia) -emia comb blood condition; blood disease (leukemia). Also -aemia (hyperaemia) emmen- comb monthly; menstrual (emmeniopathy) empor- base trade; merchant; mer¬ chandise (emporetic) -empt- base buy; take (exempt) emul- base jealous; rivalrous (emu¬ late) emunct- base nose blowing; excre¬ tory (emunctory) emydo- comb tortoise (emydosaurian) en-1 1.

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