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Ravenloft Gazetteer V (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying, Ravenloft Setting)

E-book by means of Jackie Cassada, John Mangrum, Steve Miller

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That reputation did dip somewhat in 682 BC when the Signature Killer chose a barmaid from the tavern as his first victim, but no such misfortune has visited the tavern since. Interestingly, the tavern was once known as the Clever Gray Malken, but after the scandalizing of the Claws of Sehkmaa and their high priest the name was changed to minimize any perceived association. 38 Nova Vaasa itself, and living conditions there are among the worst in the cities of the Core. Running east-west through the middle of Kantora is the High Road, dividing the city in two.

Important Characters: Captain Maja Ovesdatter, female human Exp6/War1 (ship captain); Red Rolf, male human Rog4 (smuggler). 41 Report One Ehrendton During daytime hours, Liara is the safest and calmest of Nova Vaasa’s cities, no doubt thanks to the intervention of Sir Tristen Hiregaard. The mayor of Liara, Ulf Tryggaar, is a distant cousin of Tristen’s and by all evidence is firmly under his influence. Through Tristen’s intercession, the Liara city watch has been well trained, well equipped, and as cleansed of corruption as could reasonably be expected.

Still, because of her “femininity,” Lady Lara does not enjoy the unquestioned support from her vassals and soldiers that Bevis commanded. The old Duke was much respected, perhaps more for his old friendships with Kethmar Bolshnik and Tristen Hiregaard than for any accomplishments of his own. Lady Lara has thus far managed to cajole and command the obedience that is her right as regent, but it seems she must reclaim it anew with every order and initiative. Bevis’s loathing for Prince Othmar was a poorly kept secret; he was a loud voice of opposition to Othmar’s retention of power, and though his complaints softened as Othmar’s hold on the realm tightened, his dissatisfaction was clear.

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