Liquid Love: On the Frailty of Human Bonds by Zygmunt Bauman

By Zygmunt Bauman

This e-book is ready the principal determine of our modern, 'liquid modern' instances - the fellow or girl with out bonds, and especially without any of the fastened or sturdy bonds that will enable the trouble of self-definition and self-assertion to return to a relaxation. Having no everlasting bonds, the denizen of our liquid glossy society needs to tie no matter what bonds they could to have interaction with others, utilizing their very own wits, ability and commitment. yet none of those bonds are sure to final. in addition, they have to be tied loosely in an effort to be untied back, quick and as easily as attainable, whilst situations switch - as they definitely will in our liquid glossy society, over and over.

The uncanny frailty of human bonds, the sensation of lack of confidence that frailty evokes, and the conflicting wants to tighten the bonds but maintain them unfastened, are the valuable subject matters of this crucial new booklet via Zygmunt Bauman, probably the most unique and influential social thinkers of our time. it is going to be of significant curiosity to scholars and students in sociology and within the social sciences and arts quite often, and it'll entice somebody drawn to the altering nature of human relationships.

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On its own unless it had been aided and abetted by the removal of full-time engagement, commitment and the obligation 'of being • there for you whenever you need me' from the list of the necessary ! conditions of partnership. Responsibility for deleting those conditions cannot be laid at the virtual door of electronic dating. Much else has happened on the road to liquid modern individualized society that has made longterm commitments thin on the ground, long-term engagement a rare expectation, and the obligation of mutual assistance 'come what may' a prospect that is neither realistic nor viewed as worthy of great effort.

Were there no swarm, of what use would the mobiles be? IN AND OUT OF THE TOOLBOX OF SOCIALITY In the later 1990s, in the midst of the high tech boom, I spent a lot of time in a coffee shop in the theater district in San Francisco ... I observed a scene play out there time and time again. Mom is nursing her mocha. The kids are picking at their muffins, feet dangling from their chairs. And there's Dad, pulled back slightly from the table, talking into his cell phone ... It was supposed to be a 'communication revolution', and yet here, in the technological epicentre, the members of this family were avoiding one another's eyes.

Each anguish hurts and torments in its own time. Today's agonies of homo sexualis are those of homo consumens. They have been born together. If they ever go away, they will march shoulder to shoulder. Sexual capacity was homo faber's building tool used in the construction and maintenance of human relations. When deployed on the building site of human bonds, sexual need/desire prodded homo sexualis to stay on the job and see it through once started. The builders wished the outcome of their efforts, like one wishes all buildings, to be solidly constructed, durable and (ideally forever) reliable.

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