Home in Time for Christmas by Heather Graham

By Heather Graham

Melody Tarleton is riding domestic for Christmas while a man—clad in progressive War–era costume—appears out of nowhere, correct within the course of her motor vehicle. Shaken, she takes the injured stranger in, listening with challenge to Jake Mallory's awesome declare that he is a Patriot soldier completed by way of British authorities.Bringing Jake to her mom and dad' apartment, Melody concocts a narrative to give an explanation for the good-looking vacation visitor with the courtly manners and unusual outfits. Mark, her shut buddy who needs he have been extra, is skeptical, yet her relations is interested. So is Melody. Jake is passionate, fascinating and completely not like an individual she's ever met. Can he fairly be who he claims? and will a guy from the far away previous be the longer term she really longs for?

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Little girl grown up now, furious, and facing the enemy. Serena, with her beautiful, wide, iridescent blue eyes. Her hair, like a raven’s wing. But she couldn’t be there. Home was far away. Far up the coast, in Gloucester. Someone had to get her out of here before she infuriated the wrong person. Good God, the British couldn’t hang a woman! Could they? This was war. Atrocities had occurred. No, no, no… Stay silent, Serena, he begged in silence. “Oaf! ” Hempton stuttered out. Apparently, he had no ready argument.

Well, he was a God-fearing man, so maybe that was a good thing. He didn’t blame God for his fate. Things were what they were. It was a war, perhaps an ill-advised one, considering the might and power of the British war machine and the truly pathetic manpower and munitions of the Patriots. It was being fought on dreams and ideals. This morning, especially this morning, he had to keep believing in the dream. He had been in over his head, cast into a des per ate position, and he had chosen the high road.

You’re a costumed interpreter,” she said, nodding. “The lights are beautiful,” he said. She shivered suddenly. Reality. It was getting cold in the car. “Come on. Let’s go in,” she said. She leaned over and opened his car door. He grimaced, thanked her and stepped out into the glittering snow. Then he waited. She got out of the car, questioning her own sanity once again as she walked around and crooked a hand around his arm. They hurried up the walk and onto the porch together. As they neared it, the door burst open.

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