Ettore Majorana: Notes on Theoretical Physics by Salvatore Esposito, E. Recami, Alwyn van der Merwe

By Salvatore Esposito, E. Recami, Alwyn van der Merwe

HISTORICAL PRELUDE Ettore Majorana's reputation solidly rests on stories just like the following, from the evocative pen of Giuseppe Cocconi. on the request of Edoardo Amaldi, he wrote from CERN (July 18, 1965): "In January 1938, after having simply graduated, i used to be invited, essen­ tially by way of you, to return to the Institute of Physics on the collage in Rome for 6 months as a educating assistant, and as soon as i used to be there i might have the great fortune of becoming a member of Fermi, Bernardini (who were given a chair at Camerino a number of months previous) and Ageno (he, too, a brand new graduate), within the examine of the goods of disintegration of /-L "mesons" (at that point referred to as mesotrons or yukons), that are produced via cosmic rays [ . . . ] "It was once really whereas i used to be staying with Fermi within the small laboratory at the moment ground, absorbed in our paintings, with Fermi operating with a section of Wilson's chamber (which could aid to bare mesons on the finish in their variety) on a lathe and me developing a jalopy for the illumination of the chamber, utilizing the flash produced by means of the explosion of an aluminum ribbon brief circuited on a battery, that Ettore Majorana got here looking for Fermi. i used to be brought to him and we exchanged few phrases. a depressing face. And that was once it.

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We can replace the elementary currents of equal phase with elementary DC currents having the same effective intensity; the field due to the former is the same as the effective field due to the latter. It is well known that the magnetic field produced by a set of parallel and rectilinear DC currents is orthogonal and numerically equal to the electric field generated by a set of charges distributed along straight lines coinciding with the current axis and having linear charge densities numerically equal to the current intensities.

39) where E~ is the component of E' along the inward direction perpendicular to a. 41) V, ri where En is the component of E along the outward normal to a. By substitution, we find the relevant formula u 4. = 4~ i (En V' + E~ V) da. 42) SKIN EFFECT IN HOMOGENEOUS CYLINDRICAL ELECTRIC CONDUCTORS Let us consider a cylindrical conductor whose cross section (assumed to be circular) is small with respect to the length of the conductor. The potential can then be considered uniform on any given cross section, and the current density as depending only on the distance a from the axis.

68) It is very easy to see that this equation holds even when 0"1 is not entirely external to 0", as long as F is the force external to 0" and the sign of da is positive or negative, according to whether 0"1 is locally external or internal to 0". 7. ATTRACTION BETWEEN MASSES WHICH ARE FAR APART Let us consider a system of gravitating masses ml, m2, ... , mn located at points PI, P2 , ... , P n , respectively. Let 0 be the center of mass of the system and m its total mass. Let us fix a Cartesian reference frame with origin in O.

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