Essentials of Chinese Acupuncture by Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

By Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Книга состоит из трёх частей и двух приложений. Часть 1 представляет собой введение в основы теории традиционной китайской медицины. Часть 2 описывает каналы и точки: детальными рисунками поясняются 12 каналов, экстраканалы, меридианы, все точки. Часть three посвящена акупунктуре и прижиганиям. Описаны техника работы с тонкой иглой и прижиганиями, упомянуты методики работы с другими иглами. Приложение 1 описывает активные точки ушной раковины, их соответствие точкам тела, каналами и внутренними органами. Приложение 2 открывает читателю акупунктурное обезболивание, его особенности и технику. При составлении книги авторы старались избегать стаинных терминов, излагая всё современным медицинскм языком. В других источниках полный список иероглифов найти пока не удалось. P. S. Спасибо всем посетителям и основателям ресурса Infanata и, само собой разумеется, отдельная искренняя и сердечная благодарность неповторимой Nata!

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32 33 3. * Work the upper chest with the fingertips of both hands. Press firmly, moving the fingertips in tiny circles. Start next to the collar-bone and work systematically so that you cover the entire upper half of the chest. Omit the breasts for a woman, however, as this stroke does not feel good here. 4. * Professional masseurs usually do not massage a woman's breasts. Most women I know consider this both prudish and condescending. If your friend is a woman, here is a good stroke for the breasts and the muscles supporting them.

The thumbs remain touching each other throughout the movement. Go up and back three times, applying pressure each time during the upward movement only. Then move to the thigh and, starting just above the knee, do the same stroke three more times. As you near the pelvis the width of your friend's thigh will probably force your thumbs apart. Simply bring them together again on the way back down. 4. * Next use the balls of your thumbs to massage the thick muscles of the calf. Press firmly, moving your thumbs away from you in short, alternating strokes.

Have your thumbs against the inside of the wrist, and have both thumbs touching each other. Now, squeezing lightly with your thumbs and forefingers, slide both hands slowly down the length of the forearm as if you were 'draining' it. When you reach the crook of the elbow slide both hands back up again, 39 40 still keeping your thumbs and forefingers in contact with the skin but now applying no pressure at all. Repeat several times. Why, you may ask, do we use pressure going down but not coming up?

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