Epilepsy: Complementary and Alternative Treatments by Sally Baxendale

By Sally Baxendale

Epilepsy, or seizure ailment, is common, affecting greater than 350,000 within the united kingdom, and an envisioned 3 million nearly within the US. whereas anti-epileptic medicines have a huge position in combating seizure job, they might not be completely potent achieve regulate, and there's a robust burgeoning curiosity in way of life measures and complementary remedies which could support. This publication is meant to be a depended on resource to aid individuals with epilepsy make feel of the remedy offerings, provided that epilepsy isn't a unmarried situation and a few remedies may match for a few yet no longer other kinds of the . each one bankruptcy comprises information regarding the remedy, facts, even if it is going to paintings to your kind of epilepsy, and sensible issues.

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One year later, his seizures were completely controlled by medication. Nine-year-old girl In another case, therapy revealed that a nine-year-old girl, who had had epilepsy since the age of four, felt hurt and angry when people did not listen to her. She was worried by thoughts that bad things were about to happen and was sure that something evil lived in the woods behind her house. She was very angry that her parents did not believe her. The solution to reducing her anger and anxiety involved teaching her parents to listen to her concerns and take them seriously.

These positive responses to the therapy may be very rare. Proper randomized, controlled trials to assess whether this really is a viable treatment option for people with epilepsy still need to be done. Will it work for you? Getting to know your epilepsy has an intuitive appeal. Many people know that their seizures are more likely to happen at some times than others. The very detailed analyses that the comprehensive neurobehavioural approach involves may help to hone this knowledge further. Just keeping a more detailed record in your seizure diary may help you identify a possible trigger that you may not have been aware of previously.

Jane was a student nurse in her early twenties who was fit and well with no history of epilepsy in her family. On New Year’s Day her grandmother died, after a long illness. Just five days later, on the eve of the funeral, her grandfather also collapsed. He died a few hours later in hospital. On hearing the news, Jane’s father, who had a history of heart disease, had a heart attack and was rushed into intensive care. That evening, Jane experienced the first of two generalized convulsions. While this series of calamitous events is certainly extreme, the timing is also important in this story.

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