Environmental engineering dictionary and directory by Thomas M. Pankratz

By Thomas M. Pankratz

Like so much technical disciplines, environmental technology and engineering is changing into more and more really good. As pros specialise in particular environmental topics they develop into much less conversant in environmental difficulties and suggestions outdoors their specialty. this example is compounded by means of the truth that many environmental technological know-how similar phrases are complicated. Prefixes similar to bio-, enviro-, hydra-, and hydro- are used so often that it is usually difficult to inform the phrases aside. The Environmental Engineering Dictionary and listing delivers a whole checklist of brand name phrases, model names, and logos - correct at your fingertips.

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Caustic soda Common term for sodium hydroxide. Chemical formula is NaOH. cavitation (1) A selective corrosion that results from the collapse of air or vapor bubbles with sufficient force to cause metal loss or pitting. (2) The action of a pump attempting to discharge more water than suction can provide. CBG Clean burning gasoline. ” CCB Coal combustion by-products. CCC Streaming current coagulation control center by Milton Roy Co. CCC Compromised container caps. ” CCOHS Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.

Capacitive deionization An electrically regenerated electrosorption process capable of desalinating saline water. capillarity The ability of a soil to retain a film of water around soil particles and in pores through the action of surface tension. capillary (1) A slender hair-like structure or a very fine, small bore tube. (2) A blood vessel with very fine openings that joins the smallest arteries with the smallest veins. capillary action The movement or action of a liquid through interstices, capillary tubes, or other very fine openings due to the molecular attraction between molecules of the liquid for each and a solid surface.

Cadmium (Cd) A heavy metal element that accumulates in the environment. CADRE® VOC destruction process by Vara International. CAF® Cavitation air flotation units by HydroCal, Inc. ” CAFOs Concentrated animal feeding operations. , Inc. , Inc. caisson Watertight structure used for underwater work. cake Dewatered sludge with a solids concentration sufficient to allow handling as a solid material. cake filtration Filtration classification for filters where solids are removed on the entering face of the granular media.

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