Enabling the Information Society by Stimulating the Creation by Maarten Botterman, et al

By Maarten Botterman, et al

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35 As an always-on service, it promises far frequent periods of instant gratification. , show me the closest source of cappuccino) in ways that E-commerce cannot. Conversely, data entry is much more difficult on handsets than on desktops. Yet, the failure of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) as a way of introducing wireless customers to the Web, has to be at least somewhat daunting. WAP was promoted as a way of packaging the imageheavy and wide-screen Web for low-bandwidth small-screen phones (NB: WAP requires dial-in but iMode is always on).

Yet 3G may hinge on IPv6, which was designed with mobile networks in mind (whilst 3G was not a factor when IPv4, its predecessor, was designed). Today’s research networks date back to the late 1980s and early 1990s: 27Developed by the UK-sponsored Joint Network Team that would later construct the UK’s Joint Academic Network (JANET). 28IBM a the time was the world’s largest computer company; DEC, number two -- but growing faster, with a stronghold in the scientific and technical community. 29European Strategic Programme for Research and Development in Information Technologies.

Note that the - possible introduction of (A)GPS is occurring against the backdrop of declining average revenues per user for both the operators and handset providers (market saturation and longer lead times for replacement of handsets). Table 7: Alternative Location Technologies main mechanism handsets investment time to market coverage accuracy speed CellID (+TA) CellID legacy low Q1 2000 very good low (up to 35km) Fast ECGIa signal strength legacy low Q2 2002 very good medium (750m) EOTDb time of arrival new high Q2 2002 rural poor high (100m) fast fast Source: Hambeukers (2001) AGPSc time of arrival new high Q4 2001 urban poor very high (10m) slow a Enhanced cell global identity Enhanced observed time difference c Assisted global positioning system b If the cell phone belongs to a subscriber (as opposed to a model that uses prepaid minutes) the identity of the caller can be ascertained as well.

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