Elminster's Ecologies Appendix II: The High Moor, The by TSR Staff

By TSR Staff

This appendix contains booklets penned through pals of Elminster of Shadowdale. accrued listed here are: * a 32-page ebook containing the phrases of the inimitable Bara, feisty druid of the excessive Moor, describing the ecology of that sector; * a 32-page publication via the Lark of Suzail that offers her descriptions of the slithering population of the Serpent Hills; and * a quick book of tables to assist the Dungeon grasp in choosing random encounters for adventurers whose travels take them via those components.

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But, they often order their servants to retrieve captives for them. The mind flayers are known to have agents among the trolls of the High Moor, and they may control the wererats of the Dungeon of the Hark. Aside from the mind flayers, few malevolent intelligences reside in the Undermoor, though Vincin has received reports of a rogue neogi deep beneath the earth. This creature, known only as the Reaver (as I understand it, a reaver is any rogue neogi), is a cunning and quiet hunter of the Undermoor known to have taken dozens of victims from adventuring parties.

Amiskal has several chieftains who pass his laws on to tribe members. Branches of the great tribe are scattered throughout the hills. Each of these smaller tribes has between 50 and 100 members. Each is ruled by a chieftain and has a central camp that serves as home to all members of the tribe. Some of the camps are dungeon complexes, like the keep of the lizard 12 king, while others are caverns that have been finished to some extent or collections of huts of stone or mud. Each chieftain has a small number of assistants who help with day-to-day management of the tribe and who offer advice.

The striped boalisk can reach a length of 25 feet. One ancient specimen said to inhabit the Serpent Hills is rumored to be more than 30 feet long! The stripes of the local boalisks run horizontally from tail to nose, and strips of red, black, brown, and yellow run the lengths of their bodies. A boalisk attacks by constricting and also has a strong bite. In addition, a boalisk can also inflict a disease upon victims with its gaze. Those who stare into the eyes of a boalisk are afflicted with an unusual disease that causes the flesh to rot from their bones.

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