Elminster Must Die (Forgotten Realms: The Sage of by Ed Greenwood

By Ed Greenwood

While the goddess of magic was once murdered, Elminster’s international shattered. as soon as the main strong wizard on the planet, immortal, liked of the goddess of magic, and the bane of villainy, he's now a drained outdated guy. he's strong yet mortal, and with all of the enemies a guy who makes a behavior of saving the realm has a tendency to amass. To make concerns worse, Elminster has needs—feeding strong magic goods to the Simbul, his lover, is the one factor that retains her sane—but their more and more dicy assortment leads his enemies correct to him.

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Power Attack, Precise Shot, Q uick Draw, Rapid Reload , Rapid Shot , Ride -By Attack, Shot on the Run , Spirited Charge, Spring Attack, Toughness, Trample, Two - Weapon Fighting, Wea pon Fines se , Weapon Focu s, Whi rlwind Attack. MAVERICK FEATS Thes e feats can be take n as bon us maverick feats. Feats in italics are found in this book. Your touch can heat metal. Bli nd- F igh t, Co m ba t Ex pe rt ise , Dod ge, Exotic Weapon Proficiency, Far Shot, Good Cover. Good Shot. G reat er Two-Weap on Fight ing, Improved Critica l, Improved Di sarm, Improv ed Fe int, lmproved Initiative, Improved Precise Shot, Impro ved Sunder, Impro ved Trip, Imp ro ved Two-Weap on Fighting , Leadersh ip, Lightning Reflexe s, Manyshot , Mobility, Moun ted Arc hery, Mounted Co mba t, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Q uick Draw, Quick Thinker; Rapid Reload, Rapid Shot, Shot on the Run , Ski ll Foc us, Spring Attack, Pre re qu isites : Steelheart Brand .

RIFLE C he ck th e S igh ts : By making a Build/Repair (firea rms) check (DC 15) and expending Id4 bullets to take a few practice shots, you can give a rifle a + I competence bon us to hit on the next shot fired with it. PISTOL C hec k the Sights: As rifles , File off th e Sights : Adds + I to your initiative roll during showdowns, but the pistol cannot be used to aim. ~ . _ ,.. "'l: 'tI , \ ~ ; . if ~ INTRODUCTION New rules for Spellslinger arc introduced in this chapter, including actions that ca n be taken using firearms.

Any reli gi on that can be imagin ed has a hom e in the Territories. On e part icu larl y powe rful religion has surfac ed ove r time . Its practitio ne rs wo rship the Lady of Me rcy, and pour wine ov er her roadside statues to pray for good luck and prosperity. == ~=============~=== '~ x:s • THE LAND The character of the land shapes the character of the people who live there . In this case, it has shaped some of the most stubborn and contrary peopl e in all the world. THE COLONIST LANDS Thanks to the treaty with the Pack, the colon ists now lay claim to all of the lands to the east of the Gray Hills, so long as they do not extend the gnomi sh rail to the west of Black Rock.

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