Electromagnetic Well Logging: Models for MWD / LWD by Wilson C. Chin

By Wilson C. Chin

"Almost all courses on borehole electromagnetics take care of idealizations that aren't appropriate bodily, and regrettably, even those versions are corporation proprietary. nevertheless, 'exact versions' are just to be had via distinctive finite aspect or finite distinction research, and normally, easily describe case reviews for certain purposes. In both case, the versions are usually not available

"The e-book explains why the thoroughly new version succeeds the place others fail, and demonstrates via quite a few established examples a number of suites of significant 'hands on' applications"-- Read more...


Mathematically rigorous, computationally quick, and straightforward to exploit, this identify deals a brand new method of electromagnetic good logging that provides the reservoir engineer a brand new size to MWD/LWD Read more...

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X Classical solutions for point magnetic dipoles in uniform media were used to compute the ratio Bimag/Breal at several receiver locations for different ranges of frequencies and resistivities. The known decay of Breal with distance, and the value of Breal itself, provided additional check points. All validations were successfully performed. , Banos (1966) or Kaufman and Keller (1983), were also successfully undertaken. x Because the above closed form solutions are useful in grid calibration, these “apps” have been incorporated in pull-down menus in the software.

This may be the case with formations undergoing mudcake dominated invasion. Or they can be “rapidly varying,” in which case the differential equations themselves cease to be valid, since locally infinite derivatives do not exist. This is true of the abrupt changes that occur from layer to layer. For such problems, external interfacial matching conditions must be invoked which are also generally formulated in Stratton (1941). This matching takes the general form n x (B2 - B1) = 0, n x (H2E2 H1E1) = “T,” n u (E2 - E1) = 0, and n u (P1B2 - P2B1) = 0, where “1” and “2” represent any two adjacent layers, and n is the unit normal to the interface (any number of layers is allowed).

16 with isotropic layers. A six inch, 20 KHz “coil alone” induces strong interfacial charge polarization in all cases. But we are less interested here in resistivity logging, as we are in NMR “sensitive volume” imaging; as such, we study the longitudinal magnetic fields associated with our circular transmitter coils. 16. Five baseline logging scenarios. 11. “Red” indicates the strong fields associated with the coil core. On the other hand, “yellow, green, and blue” represent decreases in strength as the coil wire itself is approached, while depressions in the blue “fabric” describe the “turning” of field lines as they form closed loops.

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