Ec&M's Electrical Calculations Handbook by John Paschal

By John Paschal

Listed here are all of the most often used electric calculations - labored out and simplified - in an instant-access, consult-it-on-the-job layout. inside of: all of the crucial calculations each electric expert must competently layout, set up, and continue electric gear, from wiring and circuits, to batteries and turbines.

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18 Chapter One What resistance (R) would be required to limit current (I) to 1 ampere when source voltage (E) is 24 volts? 1 amp 24 volt BATTERY E RL ? OHM RESISTOR E = I RL 24 = (1) x (RL) 24 = R L 1 RL = 24 ohms Figure 1-13 Solve for resistance in a series circuit given dc voltage and cur- rent. Voltage Division in a Series Circuit Both Ohm’s law and the voltage divider law are useful in determining the voltage drop that can be measured across each resistor in a series resistor string. For example, Fig.

Figure 1-18 Solve for the true power and apparent power ratings of a resistor in a dc circuit. THE RESISTOR MUST BE RATED AT 10 WATTS. 5) OHMS VOLTAGE = CURRENT X RESISTANCE W = (1)2 X (10) 10 OHM RESISTOR IN THE OVERALL CIRCUIT: W = (10 VOLTS) X (1 AMP) WATTS = VOLTAGE X CURRENT SOLUTION USING P = E X I For how many watts must the load resistor be rated? 10V BATTERY 1 AMP CURRENT 25 Figure 1-19 Determine average voltage and rms voltage from peak ac voltage (rms is the driving voltage). 26 Chapter One CURRENT FLOW 1 AMP 12V ALTERNATOR Erms = 12V R 12 OHM RESISTOR VOLTAGE = CURRENT X RESISTANCE 12 V = I X 12 OHMS 12/12 = CURRENT 1 AMPERE = CURRENT Figure 1-20 Solve for rms ac current in a resistive circuit with an ac voltage source.

5 OHM RESISTOR V VOLTMETER READS 6 VOLTS batteries in parallel does not change output voltage. Figure 1-8 E E E 6V, 100 AMP BATTERY 6V, 100 AMP BATTERY E E 6V, 100 AMP BATTERY 6V, 100 AMP BATTERY Connecting batteries in parallel for added current capacity. 1 BATTERY X 600 AMP = 6 BATTERIES 100 AMP 6V, 100 AMP BATTERY 6V, 100 AMP BATTERY E 600 amp M When connecting batteries in parallel, ampacities add by simple arithmetic. A 6-volt motor requires 600 amperes to deliver its full output power. How many 6-volt batteries that are each rated at 100 amperes at 77degrees F will be required to energize the load, and how will they be connected?

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