Dynamics of reactive systems by J R Bowen; J -C Leyer; Rem Ivanovich Soloukhin

By J R Bowen; J -C Leyer; Rem Ivanovich Soloukhin

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1984) Numerical simulation of hydrogen jets reacting with surrounded air II. Proceedings of the 16th Conference of the Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics, pp. 158-161. Gifu, Japan. Taki, S. and Fujiwara, T. (1981) Numerical simulation of triple shock behavior of gaseous detonation. 18th Symposium (International) on Combustion, pp. I671~l68l. The Combustion Institute. R. K. Daborat University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut Abstract Studies are made with flame jet ignition (FJI) in a cylindrical combustion bomb using (H2 + 1/2 C^) for the initiating flame and methane-air or propane-air mixture in the main chamber.

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R Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo, Japan Abstract The purpose of this study is to clarify the nonsteady aspects of mixing and ignition of hydrogen jets injected into air heated by rapid compression. A numerical model for hydrogen jets undergoing chemical reaction is developed on the basis of experimental findings. Basic equations of a chemically reactive, multicomponent, axisymmetric, viscous and heat conducting gas flow are discretized by the application of the second-order explicit MacCormack method and the Flux-Corrected Transport smoothing technique.

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