Dwarves Deep (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Accessory FR11) by Ed Greenwood

By Ed Greenwood

Dwarves Deep needs to be the most effective Forgotten nation-states components ever made including outdated Empires, Moonsea and goals of purple Wizards! It sheds gentle at the DWARVES of the Forgotten nation-states, their unique lands and their proud history. Their special tradition, historical past, and civilization will win you over for sure!
Ranging from historical past heritage, to urban and social descriptions, to big humans and characters, to the respective gods and pantheons, to dwarven spells and magical goods, to information of the dwarven language and kingdoms, to new monsters and half-dwarves (!!!), to experience hooks and maps, this accent has it all.
For different FR references/adventures, i like to recommend: the previous Empires accent on Chessenta, Mulhorand, and Unther, the desires of crimson Wizards accent on Thay, the Pirates of the Fallen Stars, Moonsea, and Draconimicon components, in addition to the Ruins of fantasy Drannor field Set event, and the Ruins of Zhentil maintain field Set event (they are moment version AD&D, out of print and it'll take a bit looking out, yet it really is worth it).
For a extra entire photograph on Dwarves, I STRONGLY suggest the entire publication of Dwarves which gives more information when it comes to the hardy stone-loving humans, therefore supplementing the prevailing material.
For an up to date version of occasions on Faerun's Dwarves see the 3rd variation Forgotten geographical regions crusade surroundings, which although is sort of pricey, it really is nonetheless very valuable to all FR fans!
In end, when you have a tender spot for the little stout short-tempered dwarvenfolk, attempt to get hold of a duplicate of the Dwarves Deep accent. you won't remorse it! belief me...

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Temples of The Great Master of Greed are always in underground caverns or secret, windowless rooms. Sacrificial altars are massive, plain blocks of stone, blackened by the many fires laid and burnt upon 31 them. Note that nondwarves tend to panic when priests of Abbathor light fires indoors and the smoke begins to billow! Ethos and Current Aims: Like their deity, priests of Abbathor strive to enrich themselves, taking personal advantage of their positions and influence to steal or deal themselves some personal wealth.

Rockburst (Alteration) Sphere: Combat Range: 10 yards/level Components: V, S Duration: 1 round Casting Time: 2 Area of Effect: 1 cubic foot/level Saving Throw: Special This spell allows the caster to cause a boulder or rockpile to suddenly explode, propelling jagged shards in all directions. If the desired spell focus is larger than the volume the priest can affect, only part of it will fly about. Shrapnel endangers all beings within 20 feet of the spell focus. Beings within 10 feet must save vs.

A guardian hammer strikes only once, but does not miss. When it hits, it appears momentarily as a glowing, translucent hammer, and then fades away into nothingness. Its unavoidable strike does 2d12 damage. Beings struck must make a strength check to avoid being knocked down. g. by disintegration) the guarded area without entering it.

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