Dungeon Tiles (Dungeons & Dragons Accessory) by Wizards RPG Team

By Wizards RPG Team

Dungeon Tiles is the 1st in a brand new sequence of authentic Dungeons & Dragons® terrain components. It includes 6 double-sided sheets of illustrated, die-cut terrain tiles revealed on heavy cardstock.This product provides a brand new size to D&D® video games. The customizable items hide the tabletop with superbly illustrated dungeons. This product offers Dungeon Masters an easy-to-use and cheap strategy to comprise great-looking terrain of their video games. The tiles are uncomplicated to establish and versatile adequate to permit any online game adventure.

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Gone quite mad from being deprived of humans and demihumans to imitate, it wanders the halls of this dungeon level carrying messages from one inmate to another. Here PCs get to choose from among various favorite AD&D monster races: PC choices include a beholder, illithid, medusa, cloaker, mimic, doppleganger, hag, and troll, as well as an anti-paladin (a recent arrival) who has recently made herself at home here. Any monster not picked by a player becomes an NPC under the DM’s control. The DM should feel free to replace any of these nine guardians with a favorite creature of his or her own-say, replacing the hag or medusa with a naga or lamia noble-but for the sake of variety try to avoid using creatures that appear elsewhere in this adventure (which rules out most of the more interesting undead).

13. Power Disk. Replacement power disk (the only one present in the dungeon) for items #l-4, #6, and #ll-12. creature summoned is never under the beholder’s control and either attacks at once or attempts to flee. To determine what has been summoned, roll percentile dice. On a roll o&l to 50, use the “conjured animals” tables in the back of the MONSTROUS MANUAL” tome (page 377). On a roll of 51 to 90, the effect is the same as the appropriate monster summoning spell (51 to 60 = monster summoning I, 61 to 70 = monster summoning II,71 to 80 = monster summoning III, and 81 to 90 = monster summoning IV).

Room 22. IUllithid carried by the mind flayer upon its person at all times, is a simple recorder-flute which is actually the recorder of Ye’Cind. The recorder can play wondrously simple yet haunting tunes on command (the main use the illithid makes of it); the mind flayer has become deafened to every sound but the flute itself, but this is little hindrance since it possesses ESP and is well-versed in lip reading and the Underdark silent language-it feels the silence merely improves its concentration.

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