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Result of wide study at either Amoco construction study, Tulsa, and within the box express that penetration expense and its reaction to weight on bit and rotary velocity is extremely depending on the hydraulic horsepower achieving the formation on the bit. because the drilling fluid circulation fee units the approach strain losses, and those strain losses set the hydraulic horsepower around the bit, it may be concluded that the drilling fluid is as vital in choosing drilling expenditures as all different “man-ntrollable” variables mixed.

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Known information includes hole size, penetration rate and nature of the solids drilled. Assumed data includes losses to the formation through seepage and filtrate, hole washout, and losses through solids control eqiupment. With this information, estimates of the daily chemical consumption rates can be calculated. 5 in. ” Rev. 6/94 Amoco Production Company Drilling Fluids Manual Determine the concentrations of low gravity and high gravity solids in pounds per barrel. 20 for low gravity solids and barite respectively.

296) from the above equation. 4. 6146 ft 3 /bbl Capacity and Displacement (Drill String and Hole) Nomenclature Outside diameter, in. OD Inside diameter, in. Hole diameter, in. ID Dh Annular outer pipe diameter, in. Annular inner pipe diameter, in. D d Closed-ended pipe Open-ended pipe CE OE 1. Capacity - Capacity, as related to drill pipe, drill collars and other tubulars is the volume of fluid the pipe can contain. The internal pipe diameter, ID, (inches) is used in the equation shown below. ” Rev.

The general material balance equations are: V1D1 + V2D2 + V3D3 + etc. = VFDF V1 + V2 + V3 + etc. = VF Where: DF = Final Fluid Density The subscripts of V and D represent different volumes and densities of different components. The two material balance equations may then be solved simultaneously for any two unknowns. See example problems. 5 lb/gal fluid with 21 lb/bbl bentonite. 72 The final volume will be 400 bbl which contains 21 lb/bbl bentonite. Thus, 8400 lb (21 lb/bbl x 400 bbl) of bentonite will be needed.

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