Dragon Keep (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Dragonlance by Rich Swan

By Rich Swan

The nice dragons of Krynn need assistance. Recruited by means of the silver dragon Saramber, the participant characters have joined ranks with the dragons and sought to resolve the secret at the back of the deaths of many silver and bronze dragons. they've got played many prone for the dragons and handed the assessments set out for them, incomes the belief of those historic creatures.

But now, Saramber fears evil dragons have chanced on the portal that may cause them to the dragons' fatherland. If this is often actual, they have to be stopped earlier than they could release an assault that can ruin this fabled size. the journey leads participant characters from the plains of Lunitari to the depths of the sea and the homestead of tremendous Artha, banished daughter of Takhisis.

This 3rd module brings to a climax the epic story started in DLE1, looking for Dragons, and endured in DLE2, Dragon Magic. On good fortune or failure hangs the destiny of 1 of the noblest races of Krynn.

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The PCs may have seen the blue fungi in area C of encounter 10. Aric says it acts as both a poison and healing medicine for people, but has no effect on dragons. He is not certain about its effects. What is the steel sphere? What do you know about the wizard in the sphere? Who are the man and the woman in the rainbow garden? The dragons know nothing about the other encounter areas. If asked, the dragons decline to investigate these areas, saying there is no time to waste. What is the blue spot circling Lunitari?

If the party agrees, he asks the PCs how he can help them. ” Sirrion knows nothing about the dragon war, the plans or whereabouts of Artha or Khardra, or the location of any of the good dragons. ” He tells them the gold pillar is in the southwestern corner of Lunitari’s fourth quadrant (Sirrion points them in the general direction of encounter 12). If asked about the Astral Dragon, Sirrion thinks briefly, then says, “Ah, the constellation. ” He will not elaborate. If the PCs continue to press for information, Sirrion becomes angry, then says, “There’s someone who needs your aid.

If the party has already experienced encounter 2, Sirrion points them toward the northern corner of the third quadrant—see encounter 10. ) If the PCs pester him after this, Sirrion’s temper flares, and he threatens to kill them if they don’t leave. Euel whispers to the PCs that Sirrion means what he says. ) If the party returns here later, there is no sign of Sirrion or Tiffi. 7. Clear lake To the east is an area filled with craters, rocky hills, and rubble. To the west is an expansive lake of clear water.

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