Draconomicon by Andy Collins, Skip Williams, James Wyatt

By Andy Collins, Skip Williams, James Wyatt

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Its extremities are larger than normal, however. Its feet, hands, and head are the size of a hill giant's. The taloned fingers are deadlyand a horn-like growth projectsfrom the backof the skull, curving forward and downward. )to its naturalformsof attackif theformer givesittheadvantage,for the demon is quite clever. It has a strength of 19 which it uses to the fullest. In combat, a babau demon exudesa reddish slime over itswhole body. This substance causes cutting, stabbing, and similar attacks to do only half normal damage, as the weapons tend to slide off the demon's body.

APPEARING: 1 ARMOR CLASS: 0 (4) MOVE: 12" (6" after feeding) (MC:B) HIT DICE: 13 % IN LAIR: 60% TREASURE TYPE: 2 NO. Thedustwillwaverandfall back if struck by blow or spell, as if suffering actual damage. Thus, formation of a ghost manifestation is not too improbable, even if no wraith manifestation existed. P. VALUE: IX/7050 + 18 hp Ademilich, itswraith manifestation, and itsghost manifestation cannot be turned by a cleric. Neither the wraith manifestation nor the ghost manifestation can actually be harmed.

Death magic, killing that individual instantly. The victim soslain becomesa shadow(un1ess he or she has already been subjected to deathstealing) and isdoomed to serve the nabassu whenever called. ) Range for stealing is 2"; for bestowing the range is 1 ". Shadowsanddarknesscastpersistaslongas the demon desires or until otherwise dispelled. Nabassu have thief-like At times Kostchtchiewill be served by frost giants. He is rumored to have a white dragon of largest size and of ancient age.

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