Doctor Who: Mind of Evil by Terrance Dicks

By Terrance Dicks

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After a moment it began to throb - very gently. It was almost as if it was biding its time. Sergeant Benton was being James Bond. At least, he was on plain-clothes duty for once and somewhere in the back of his mind there lurked hopeful pictures of vodka martinis, shaken but not stirred, Bentley sports cars and mysteriously beautiful international spies. His actual assignment was considerably more routine. He was tailing Captain Chin Lee. Since the Chinese girl had a kind of semi-diplomatic status, the Brigadier had been unable to arrest her.

Wah-pye chiah lu-lai He lost track of the rest. Immediately Fu Peng looked up, an astonished smile spreading over his heavy features. The Doctor was speaking fluent Chinese, and not only Chinese but the Hokkien dialect of Fu Peng's native province. ') Fu Peng rose, bowed in return and spoke in the same 46 language. 'Thank you for your courtesy and for your welcome. ' For the sake of courtesy, Fu Peng continued in English. ' 'Thank you,' said the Doctor modestly. ' Fu Peng clicked his fingers, and an aide scurried from the room.

The Doctor nodded and said casually. ' Deeply impressed, Fu Peng bowed again. The Brigadier had been standing there ignored all this time. 'Well, gentlemen,' he said hopefully. ' No one took any notice. Fu Peng's aide came back into the room, carrying a heavy tray which bore all the requisites for the ceremonial serving of Chinese tea. Fu Peng turned to the Doctor. ' Fu Peng snapped an order to the aide, who carried the tray over to a table by the window. Fu Peng waved the Doctor to a seat. ' 47 'Yes, indeed.

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