Do World Bank and IMF Policies Work? by Shahrukh Rafi Khan (auth.)

By Shahrukh Rafi Khan (auth.)

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NOTES I. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. I 0. II. 12. This chapter was first prepared as a paper by Shahrukh R. -2 Dec. 1994, organized by the Australian South Asia Research Centre. It has been published in Economia lnternationale, XLIX, no. 2, 1996. Many thanks are due to Premchandra Athukorala, Warwick McKibben, Saqib Jafarey and Tariq Banuri for comments on earlier drafts. Quick et al. ( 1987) pointed out that out of a total of I 06 exchange-rate regimes approved by the Fund's executive board between 1983 and 1986, about two-thirds contained elements of exchange-rate flexibility.

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3, pp. 313-27. International Monetary Fund, 1994, International Financial Statistics (Washington, DC: IMF). Kemal, A. , 1992, 'Self-Reliance and Implications for Growth and Resource Mobilizations', Eighth Annual General Meeting of the Pakistan Society of Development Economists, Islamabad. 28 Do World Bank and IMF Policies Work? Khan, N. Z. and E. Rahim, 1993, 'Foreign Aid, Domestic Saving and Economic Growth 1960-1988', Ninth Annual General Meeting of the Pakistan Society of Development Economists, Islamabad.

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