Divine Power (Dungeons & Dragons) by Wizards of the Coast Team

By Wizards of the Coast Team

New innovations for clerics, paladins, and different divine characters.This tome specializes in the divine heroes: characters whose powers depend upon their religion up to their sword, offering new archetypal builds for the cleric, paladin, and different divine sessions, together with new personality powers, feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies.

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T h e g o d is s a i d t o s h o w a s i g n ter. W h i l e w i t h i n t h e z o n e , y o u a n d your allies g a i n a + 1 of t h e fortune awaiting the journey by b l o w i n g t h e p o w e r b o n u s to A C a n d a t t a c k rolls. W h i l e w i t h i n t h e a w a y ( w h i c h favors departure) or back t o w a r d the traveler z o n e , a n y e n e m y t a k e s 5 r a d i a n t d a m a g e a t t h e s t a r t of (indicating difficulty a h e a d ) . its t u r n a n d p r o v o k e s o p p o r t u n i t y a t t a c k s w h e n it shifts.

D i v i n e , Fear, W e a p o n Standard Action S e c o n d a r y Target: Each e n e m y adjacent to y o u Melee weapon Target: O n e creature A t t a c k : W i s d o m vs. Fortitude A t t a c k : Strength vs. A C H i t : T h e s e c o n d a r y t a r g e t is b l i n d e d ( s a v e e n d s ) . H i t : 3 [ W ] + Strength modifier d a m a g e , a n d t h e target m o v e s its s p e e d a w a y f r o m y o u , t a k i n g t h e safest p a t h possible. Flames of Torment Cleric Attack 2 5 You smite your enemy with w r a t h f u l / i r e (hat feeds Rebuke the Wrathful You reproach your Joe.

Deadly Lure C l e r i c A t t a c k 13 Your imperious gesture drags a n enemy toward y o u . compelling it to lower its defenses. Encounter • Charm, Divine, Implement Standard Action h e a l i n g surge. | | Ivory Rampart Daily • Ranged 5 Cleric Attack 15 As your weapon strikes your foe. divine power flows from you to form a barrier that protects vour allies. Conjuration, Divine, W e a p o n Standard Action Melee weapon Target: O n e creature Target: O n e creature Attack: W i s d o m vs. W i l l A t t a c k : Strength vs.

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