Dictionary of Microbiology & Molecular Biology by Paul Singleton

By Paul Singleton

THe dictionary is excelent, particularly to unravel pressing dudes. I recomend enhance the figures and upload extra ones.

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LABYRINTHULAS, PHAGOMYXA, and members of the PLASMODIOPHOROMYCETES. ) algal rust Syn. RED RUST. algicides Chemical agents which kill algae. g. copper sulphate (see also BLOOM) and TBTO. g. g. chlorine in WATER SUPPLIES). algin Syn. ALGINATE. alginase Syn. ALGINATE LYASE. alginate A salt of alginic acid: a linear polymer consisting of (1 → 4)-b-linked D-mannuronic acid residues and (1 → 4)-alinked L-guluronic acid residues. ) Alginates occur in the CELL WALL and intercellular mucilage in phaeophycean algae; a similar polymer (differing in that at least some of the mannuronic acid residues are acetylated) occurs as capsular material in certain (‘mucoid’) strains of Pseudomonas and in the resting stage of Azotobacter vinelandii.

The Semliki Forest virus complex includes Bebaru virus, CHIKUNGUNYA FEVER virus, GETAH VIRUS, MAYARO FEVER virus, O’NYONG–NYONG FEVER virus, ROSS RIVER VIRUS, Sagiyama virus, SEMLIKI FOREST VIRUS, and Una virus. The Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis (= Venezuelan encephalitis) virus complex includes Cabassou virus, Everglades virus, Mucambo virus, Pixuna virus, and VENEZUELAN EQUINE ENCEPHALOMYELITIS virus. The Western equine encephalomyelitis (= Western encephalitis) virus complex includes Aura virus, Fort Morgan virus, Highlands J virus, Kyzylagach virus, SINDBIS VIRUS, WESTERN EQUINE ENCEPHALOMYELITIS virus, and What-aroa virus.

The plasmid is then introduced into the bacterium Agrobacterium tumefaciens–which is used to infect the plant; during infection the viral DNA is transferred to plant cells within the T-DNA (see CROWN GALL). ] Agromyces A genus of microaerophilic to anaerobic, catalasenegative, asporogenous bacteria (order ACTINOMYCETALES, wall type VII – see also PEPTIDOGLYCAN). The organisms grow as a branched mycelium which subsequently fragments into coccoid and diphtheriod forms; metabolism: oxidative. A. ramosus, the type species, occurs in large numbers in certain soils; it appears to attack and destroy other species of bacteria [AEM (1983) 46 881–888].

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