Dictionary of Human Resources and Personnel Management: Over by A. Ivanovic, Peter Collin

By A. Ivanovic, Peter Collin

This dictionary deals over 6,000 key phrases masking all elements of human assets, together with recruitment and choice, value determinations, cost platforms, dismissals and business family. excellent for all execs who paintings with team of workers terminology, quite these in HR departments, recruitment specialists and employment attorneys.

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Bottom / bɒtəm/ noun the lowest part or point ˽ the bottom has fallen out of the market sales have fallen below what previously seemed to be the lowest point ˽ rock-bottom price the lowest price of all í verb to reach the lowest point ˽ the market has bottomed out the market has reached the lowest point and does not seem likely to fall further bottom line / bɒtəm lan/ noun 1. the last line on a balance sheet indicating profit or loss 2. the final decision on a matter ć The bottom line was that any workers showing dissatisfaction with conditions would be fired.

G. coal, steel or agriculture basic pay / besk pe/ noun a normal salary without extra payments basic rate tax / besk ret t ks/ noun the lowest rate of income tax basics / besks/ plural noun simple and important facts ć She has studied the basics of foreign exchange dealing. ˽ to get back to basics to consider the main facts again basic salary / besk s ləri/ noun same as basic pay basic time / besk tam/ noun the normal time taken to do a job, established by work study ć The basic time for the job was not accepted by the employees who found it too demanding.

A balance sheet can be drawn up either in the horizontal form, with (in the UK) liabilities and capital on the left-hand side of the page (in the USA, it is the reverse) or in the vertical form, with assets at the top of the page, followed by liabilities, and capital at the bottom. Most are usually drawn up in the vertical format, as opposed to the more old-fashioned horizontal style. ball /bɔ l/ noun ˽ the ball is in the management’s court the management has to make the next move ballot / b lət/ noun 1.

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