Dictionary of Flavors by Dolf De Rovira Sr.

By Dolf De Rovira Sr.

Defines flavors utilized in meals, beverages(alcoholic and non-alcoholic), tobacco, and puppy and animal meals.

as well as the descriptions of taste chemical compounds and traditional items there's additionally integrated views from the fields of regulartory, sensory, chenistry, biology, pharmocology.

The Dictionary could be helpful to foodstuff scientists, taste chemists and all these eager about the flavo of meals and drinks.

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See Spray Drying, Emulsion, Emulsification, Citrus, Solubility, Oxidation, Gums, Crop to Crop Deviations, Crop Shortages. Arillode The structure that sits atop the nutmeg “nut” called mace. See Botanicals - Mace, Botanicals - Nutmeg. Aroma@) (1) The volatile or odoriferous portion of a flavor profile. Aroma usually connotes a positive odor profile. The words smell or odor are used more often to describe off or undesirable volatile attributes. (2) In wine terminology, the aroma refers more to the volatile profile of the grape versus that of the wine which is called the bouquet.

Refractive Index An instrumentally measured test which determines the degree of change of the angle of incidental light as it passes through a substance (also can be used as an indication of purity). Saponification Value Amount of sodium hydroxide to neutralize free fatty acids. Scoville Heat Units (FCC 111) A dilutiodcomparison taste test to determine the heat principle, capsaicin, present in oleoresin of capsicum. Solidificatien Point (FCC 111) (or Melting Point) This test can be run by an instrument which slowly lowers the temperature of a known sample until solidification is reached.

Anthranilates undergo a Schiff-base reaction. See Grape, Perception, Neroli, Enologists, Wine, Foxy. 515 134-20-3 87-25-2 85-91 -6 7493-63-2 7756-96-9 7779-77-3 7779-16-0 133-18-6 63449-8-3 7149-26-0 *denotes listing elsewhere as well Antibiotic A substance that inhibits the growth of microorganisms. Found initially by accident by Dr. Jenner, when microbial growth around certain penicillium molds was found to be nil, penicillin was one of the first 44 Anticaking Agent antibiotics developed. Recently, use of antibiotics in the feed supply to ward off disease and produce more cost effective livestock, has been a controversial problem.

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