Dictionary of Environment & Ecology by Peter Collin

By Peter Collin

This dictionary has been revised to incorporate the definitions of over 7,000 phrases from all points of ecology and environmental fields, together with weather, pollutants, waste disposal and effort conservation.  

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BSE noun a fatal brain disease of cattle. Also called mad cow disease. Full form brucellosis brushwood bryophyte BSE bovine spongiform encephalopathy BTO abbr British Trust for Ornithology BTO building permit bud noun a young shoot on a plant, which bud may later become a leaf or flower budding noun a way of propagating plants in which a bud from one plant is grafted onto another plant buffalo noun 1. a common domestic animal in tropical countries, used for milk and also as a draught animal 2. US same as bibudding buffalo son buffer noun a solution in which the pH is not changed by adding acid or alkali í verb to prevent a solution from becoming acid or alkaline ć If a lake is well buffered, it will not have a low pH factor, even if acid rain falls into it.

A waterway made by people for boats to travel along 2. a waterway made by people to take water to irrigate land can bank noun a large container in a public place into which people can put their empty metal food containers for collection and recycling candela noun an SI unit measuring the brightness of a light. Symbol cd canker noun 1. fm Page 30 Thursday, April 15, 2004 6:35 PM cankered bacterial canker of fruit trees 2. ’ [Guardian] canopy cover noun the percentage of canopy cover the surface of the ground which is shaded by the leaves and branches of trees canyon noun a deep valley with steep sides cap noun a part of the dome-shaped structure of some fungi which bears spores on its lower surface CAP abbr Common Agricultural Policy capacity noun 1.

The use of yeasts in making beer, bread or yoghurt. ı genetic modification biotic adjective referring to the living constituents of an environment. g. woodland biotic community noun a community of organisms in a specific area biotic factor noun an organism that has an effect on a specific environment. Compare abiotic factor biotic index noun a scale for showing the quality of an environment by indicating the types of organisms present in it biotic potential noun same as biotic biotic barrier biotic carrier potential biotic climax biotic community biotic factor biotic index biotic potential carrier potential biotic pyramid noun a graphical reprebiotic pyramid sentation of the structure of an ecosystem in terms of which organism eats which.

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