Dictionary of Education: A Practical Approach by P.M. Lohithakshan

By P.M. Lohithakshan

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Compulsions are symptoms of deep-seated psychological problems. 81 See: Ego defence mechanism COMPULSORY SCHOOL AGE: The age group for which school attendance is compulsory. In all countries where education is compulsory, there are appropriate statutory provisions for enforcing it. According to the law, it is the duty of the parent to enrol the child in the school, at the appropriate age and retain him there till he completes the upper age limit laid down. There will be penal provisions to deal with failure or neglect on the part of the parent.

This is achieved by rearranging the data according to their magnitude and then dividing it into smaller equal units. A large array of scores obtained on a test can thus be converted into a frequency distribution. The size of steps in a frequency distribution ts denoted by 'class interval'. Whatever is the number of observations (frequencies) the steps in a frequency distribution 71 usually ranges between 8 and 16. The size of the class interval is dependent on the range of the scores and the number of steps in the frequency distribution.

Are obtained, a large number of cases are seen centering round the average value of the score. If we take measures on the heights of 10 year old boys we find that the majority of children have height very close to the average. When we move up or down from the average the number of cases decreases. 66 This property of the measures of variables to gravitate towards the centre is called central tendency. The 'average' is the measure of the central tendency of a distribution. See: Dispersion CEPHALO-CAUDAL MATURATION: Physical development taking place in the infant from the head towards the limbs.

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