Dictionary of Bioscience by McGraw-Hill

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Derived from the content material of the revered McGraw-Hill Dictionary of clinical and Technical phrases, 6th variation, every one identify presents millions of definitions of phrases and words encountered in a selected self-discipline. All include:
* Pronunciation advisor for each term
* Acronyms, cross-references, and abbreviations
* Appendices with conversion tables; listings of medical, technical, and mathematical notation; tables of suitable info; and more
* A handy, quick-find structure

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A¯иfı¯¦brinиəиjə ne¯и me¯иə } aflatoxicosis [MED] Aflatoxin poisoning. { ə ¦fla¯dиo¯ ta¨kиsə ko¯иsəs } aflatoxin [BIOCHEM] The toxin produced by some strains of the fungus Aspergillus flavus, the most potent carcinogen yet discovered. { afи lə ta¨kиsin } African horse sickness [VET MED] An infectious, mosquito-borne virus disease of equines characterized by fever and edematous swelling. { afиriиkən ho˙rs sikиnəs } African sleeping sickness [MED] A disease of humans confined to tropical Africa, caused by the protozoans Trypanosoma gambiense or T.

Er spo˙rиə } Aizoaceae [BOT] A family of flowering plants in the order Caryophyllales; members are unarmed leaf-succulents, chiefly of Africa. { a¯ ı¯zиə wa¯и se¯ e¯ } akaryote [CELL MOL] A cell that lacks a nucleus. { a¯ kaиre¯ o¯t } akathisia [MED] Motor restlessness ranging from a feeling of inner disquiet, often localized in the muscles, to an inability to sit still or lie quietly. { aиkə thizиe¯иə } akinesia [MED] 1. Loss or impairment of motor function. 2. Immobility from any cause. { ¦aи ki ne¯zhиə } akinete [BOT] A thick-walled resting cell of unicellular and filamentous green algae.

A¨gиər pla¯t kau˙nt } Agavaceae [BOT] A family of flowering plants in the order Liliales characterized by parallel, narrow-veined leaves, a more or less corolloid perianth, and an agavaceous habit. { agи ə va¯sиe¯ e¯ } age [BIOL] Period of time from origin or birth to a later time designated or understood; length of existence. { a¯j } age distribution [ECOL] The distribution of different age groups in a population. { a¯j disи trə byu¨иshən } agenesis [BIOL] Absence of a tissue or organ due to lack of development.

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