Developing the Emotionally Literate School (PCP by Katherine Weare

By Katherine Weare

The publication is a pragmatic and updated account of how during which faculties can use emotional literacy to achieve their ambitions of faculty development and effectiveness, elevated studying, extra effective administration of training and studying and more desirable relationships.

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Later chapters will look in more detail at the role of teaching and learning and the whole environment in developing these competences. SELF-UNDERSTANDING A CLEAR, POSITIVE AND REALISTIC SELF-CONCEPT Having a clear, positive and realistic self-concept includes: • • • • • • • • liking myself (although not always liking my behaviour) valuing and respecting myself as a unique individual being able to identify and feel positive about my own strengths being able to identify my own limitations and vulnerabilities, and accepting them without undue self-blame or guilt seeing myself as separate from others, with the right to be treated with respect and kindness by others not being harder on myself than I am on others understanding aspects of myself, such as my personality, preferences and needs having an accurate and realistic assessment of how I compare with others at the moment.

Staff also need to be encouraged to talk about their experiences in order to build up a sense of coherence in their professional lives. Inexperienced staff in particular may find the multiple roles they need to learn to play as a teacher a challenge, and get help in moving between them while retaining their own integrity and authenticity. They may need help to make sense of the snowstorm of experience that being a teacher in a busy modern school entails. It is possible that too much concern with coherence can lead to overcontrol, an inability to cope with ambiguity, a tendency to oversimplify complex reality, and difficulties with change, so this competence needs to be balanced with those competences that lead us to be able to cope with realistic levels of uncertainty and change.

Practice breathing and relaxation techniques. We all need to learn to manage our emotional responses because it is not always appropriate to act on our emotions directly, at the time, or in relation to other people. Our feelings may be excessive, distorted or inappropriate, as is often the case with chronically angry people. Often it is not right to vent our feelings on the nearest person, as our feeling about what is happening now may have been be triggered by feelings that come from a previous experience.

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