Derrida and Joyce: Texts and Contexts (SUNY Series in

All of Derrida’s texts on Joyce jointly lower than one conceal in clean, new translations, in addition to key essays protecting the diversity of Derrida’s engagement with Joyce’s works.

Bringing jointly all of Jacques Derrida’s writings on James Joyce, this quantity comprises the 1st whole translation of his booklet Ulysses Gramophone: phrases for Joyce in addition to the 1st translation of the essay “The evening Watch.” In Ulysses Gramophone, Derrida offers a few of his so much thorough reflections on confirmation and the “yes,” the signature, and the position of technological mediation in all of those parts. In “The evening Watch,” Derrida pursues his ruminations on writing in an explicitly feminist path, delivering profound observations at the connection among writing and matricide. Accompanying those texts are 9 essays through prime students from around the humanities addressing Derrida’s remedies of Joyce all through his paintings, and remembrances of lectures dedicated to Joyce that Derrida gave in 1982 and 1984. the quantity concludes with pictures of Derrida from those occasions.

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TiJI d 'd d • v ~-. is; 1 remams s un ec1 e whether the translation of d Aoyrv- as "th La . th th " ~-. e ymg at ga ers captures even a small part of what the Aoy0<; is. And already we face a new riddle: the word To l;omov If think it · H Ii • 't" • we are to in m. rac ~s way, we toil in vain so long as we do not pursue it ~~saying~ which it speaks, up to the very words that conclude it. - µo,Aoye1v occurs when the hearing of mortal h be proper h · Wh s as come t ~~g. en such a thing happens something fateful comes o pasds.

D 'sdom consists in saying the truth thinking and acting In aocor , . sladhhon. e let unconcealment lie before us h · dedicate ear enm . fateful comes to pass w. en, m 1al g the lines of self-disclosure. :egr:~e~~iure~~~~:~~;g ~\t. 71 Log°' (Heraclftw, Fragment B 50) EARLY GREEK THINKING itself? Heraclit~s says what it is unequivocally at the beginning of • "th alone the fateful7' But if the·:O~~v, e unique On& unifying all is d Ao v is e same as the Ady<><;, the result is· Ao y~ho ooq>Ov rQuvoy.

Therefore this heanng is itself a :\eye1v. As such, the proper hearing of mortals is in a certain way the Same as the Aoy<><;. At the same time, however, precisely as oµo:\oyeiv , it is not the Same at all. It is not the same as the Aoy<><; itself. e. in the Aoyoc,. But what occurs when there is proper hearing, as dµoXoyciv? Heraclitus says: ooqiov lon v. When oµoXoyciv occurs, then ooq>ov comes to pass. We read: ooqiov lonv. One translates ooq>Ov correctly as 67 r EARLY GREEK THINKING L "wisej~ ~u~ what d~s "wise" mean?

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