Delmar's Agriscience Dictionary with Searchable CD-ROM by Ray V Herren

By Ray V Herren

Delmar's Agriscience Dictionary with Searchable CD-ROM is the proper resource to maintain abreast of terminology in an ever-changing undefined! a distinct characteristic is the searchable CD-ROM which includes an analogous phrases and definitions because the print dictionary

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Cheshire–(1) A breed of white swine which originated in New York State from crossing the Yorkshire with White Suffolk hogs. (2) A popular old English cheese; less firm and compact than cheddar, which has white or yellow curd. It is made of cow’s milk, and annatto added for coloring. It is cured for three weeks (early ripening), for two months (medium ripening), or ten weeks to ten months (late ripening). Chestnut Roan–A horse on which white hairs are mixed with the basic chestnut color. Sometimes called strawberry roan.

Caecum–In humans and animals, the closed sac which is the beginning of the large intestine. Also spelled cecum. Cage Battery–System of keeping poultry and rabbits in cages in a controlled environment throughout their life. , from which the oil has been removed. It is pressed into hard cakelike masses and is used as a feed. Caked Udder–(1) Physiological edema of the udder most often associated with recent freshening. (2) A doughy, swollen udder. Calciferous Glands–Glands that produce or secrete carbonate of lime (calcium carbonate, CaCO3).

In the United Kingdom, the buggy usually has two wheels. Bulb–(1) The subterranean bud of some plants, which has a short stem bearing overlapping, membranelike leaf bases, as in onions and tulips. It stores food for reproduction and represents the inactive stage of the plant. (2) Any plant or flower shaped like a bulb. (3) The upper part of a horse’s heel. Bulgarian Buttermilk–A fermented milk produced by growing a culture of Lactobacillus bulgaricus (Bulgarian bacteria) in sterile milk at a comparatively high temperature.

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