Decoding Love: Why It Takes Twelve Frogs to Find a Prince, by Andrew Trees

By Andrew Trees

A sensible, exciting, and eye-opening examine the technology of affection. Relationships can be so basic. You meet anyone. You fall in love. If all is going good, that individual falls in love with you. you reside fortunately each after. As Andrew timber unearths in interpreting Love, this “romantic storyline” has formed our brooding about relationships for hundreds of years. however the fairy story is deeply wrong. Researchers at the present time are making stunning discoveries approximately how and why we elect the folks we adore. Drawing from the newest stories in economics, mind technology, online game idea, evolutionary psychology, and different fields, interpreting Love takes on a subject all of us imagine we understand—how we fall in love—and illustrates that almost all of our assumptions are flawed. alongside the best way, Andrew bushes deals incredible new insights into the character of allure and wish in addition to an intimate examine the unusual intersection of romance and the trendy international of courting. all through, deciphering Love unearths the often extraordinary medical findings approximately human allure from the robust impression of odor to a mathematical idea that one needs to date twelve humans ahead of occurring upon Mr. or Ms. correct. every little thing from a genetic marker for infidelity to the way in which the tablet can sway a woman’s number of her accomplice is explored during this superb and punctiliously fun account of what is going into settling on why one individual falls in love with one other. Page-turning, thought-provoking, and glowing with wit, interpreting Love is an unusual examine that the majority universal of human targets: falling in love.

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There is a great deal of posturing and even violence, and it is not uncommon for chimpanzees to kill one another. Think of how violent gangs act in prison, and you have a rough human approximation of a chimpanzee society. But bonobos are like bizarro chimps. Their social order flips everything on its head. In a bonobo troop, the females dominate. Consequently, male aggression is greatly reduced. And because the males do not have to jockey with one another for sexual access, the males spend a lot less time trying to rise in the hierarchy.

YOU MEET SOMEONE. You fall in love. If all goes well, that person falls in love with you. And as the fairy tale says, you both live happily ever after. But the reality is rarely so simple. My goal is to explore why that is the case by taking a rational approach to that most irrational of pursuits, the search for love. Imagine Jane Austen’s romances rewritten by people like Charles Darwin and Adam Smith, and you will have some idea of what sort of book this is. The simple premise behind Decoding Love is that despite our ingrained prejudice, our current model of finding love is deeply flawed, and science can actually provide a great deal of insight into our quest for romance.

At the very least, I hope this chapter has made you more aware of the different ways that we are unconsciously influenced, even when it comes to something as fundamental as romantic attraction. That’s not to say that any of us are soon going to become the rational creatures we imagine ourselves to be. But at least we can be a little more conscious of the dark recesses of our mind that so often waylay us on the road to love. 2 The Dating Animal What I Learned About Dating from Darwin THE FOLLOWING PAGES ARE NOT FOR THE FAINT OF heart.

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