Damage Control by Amy J. Fetzer

By Amy J. Fetzer

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With greater than 21,000 copies in print of  Women Of Sand And Myrrh, and extra than  15,000 copies of the tale Of  Zahra, Hanan al-Shaykh is the simplest identified and most  admired lady author of the Arab international. The paperback  publication of Zahra will bring  this passionate and brave novel to a much  larger staff of readers.

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Even homicide is larger In TexasPrimates are being smuggled over the Mexican border, and U. S. Fish and natural world Agent Racheal Porter has a scorching tip that they are hidden someplace at the chuffed searching Ranch. undesirable sufficient that the sport ranch offers infrequent antelopes, Indian deer, and African oryx for the wealthy to seek.

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Britt Barlow is sure her media tycoon brother-in-law Jeremiah Addison's deadly tumble a 12 months in the past was once no coincidence -- specifically considering that she herself came across, and disposed of, the journey twine a person had strung around the stairs. Now she's bringing all who have been in attendance that weekend again to Golden Silk -- Addison's sumptuous secluded island property -- and welcoming additional site visitors, Annie and Max Darling, to assist discover a killer.

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That was pretty,” Max said through the PRR. ” Sebastian glanced back, then rushed right as brick and stone hailed down. Screams mixed with the explosion, and he saw one man go flying along with pieces of iron. Then he spotted the gray-bellied drone and searched for cover. There was none, the barren land bleak with ice. They ran. Sebastian didn’t need a guide. He’d memorized the terrain and he splashed through a creek between jagged rocks as he fixed the commlink in his ear and hailed Base again.

The MiG would spot it, but the chopper had to get in fast and not waste time searching for them. The scream of the approaching jet grew closer. The chopper traveled low in the rocky valley, hopping on air currents and nearly falling out of the sky. Then it stabilized and lowered. The blades beat back the scrub trees, kicked up a flurry of snow. The team rushed forward, Mills limping, and Sam hefted him in a fireman’s carry, running as the helicopter hovered over the ground. Logan hung on the skids, giving Killian commands as he reached for the first man.

It was their only link inside enemy lines. Why he was taken was still a mystery, but it didn’t matter. He needed rescuing. If he was still alive. Russians weren’t known for their mercy. But seizing an American businessman on his vacation in front of his young family stirred up tension across the region. It should have brought tons of help, but no government would lend aid to locate the hostage inside Chechnya. It was stepping into a war zone. S. intel said information was sketchy and that a rescue was too dicey.

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