Cyber Bullying by Nick Hunter

By Nick Hunter

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Megan said she would, but she became more and more distressed as she received hurtful and insulting messages from different people. It seemed like Josh had shared some of their private messages. When Tina returned home, she found her daughter sending angry replies to some of the messages. Tina and Megan argued, after which Megan went to her room. Twenty minutes later, Tina went to check on her daughter and found that Megan had hanged herself. Megan died the next day. 34 The truth about “Josh” Megan’s parents tried to contact Josh Evans to tell him the effect his messages had had on their daughter.

When cyber bullying happens in chat rooms and online games, the people doing the bullying do not know their victim. But many cyber bullies do know their victims. Likely targets Many people who are affected by traditional bullying are also victims of cyber bullying. All bullies will often pick on the people they see as weak, vulnerable, or having low self-esteem. A bully might prey on something that a victim is self-conscious about, such as the way he or she looks. Traditionally, bullies may also pick on those who look different or stand out from the crowd in some way.

If you ban young people from social networking sites, people will just find another way to cyber bully. 48 Cyber bullying is not as bad as physical bullying Arguments for: • Cyber bullying does not usually do any physical harm to the victim. • Some cyber bullying can be ignored or avoided by blocking senders and making sure you protect your privacy online. • No one forces you to go online or to use IM. Physical bullies harass people in the real world. Arguments against: • Cyber bullying can be more mentally damaging than other types of bullying.

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