CSS Floating: Floats and Float Shapes by Eric A. Meyer

By Eric A. Meyer

While flowing textual content round photographs is unquestionably not anything new, with CSS you could go with the flow any aspect, from photos to paragraphs to lists. during this sensible consultant, writer Eric Meyer unearths a few interesting—and surprising—ways to take advantage of CSS floats on your website design, together with the most recent strength to circulate content material previous non-rectangular flow shapes.

Short and candy, this publication is an excerpt from the impending fourth variation of CSS: The Definitive Guide. in case you buy both the print or the e-book variation of CSS Floating, you’ll obtain a coupon at the whole Definitive Guide as soon as it’s published. Why wait? how to deliver existence in your websites now.

  • Learn the features of floated parts, and CSS principles for utilizing them
  • Be conscious of sure rule exceptions whilst using floats for your layout, together with using damaging margins
  • Use the clear estate to avoid floats from affecting parts within the subsequent component of the document
  • Create floating containers in non-rectangular shapes, together with rounded corners, circles, ellipses, or even polygons
  • Define drift shapes with obvious or opaque images

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If you do float a nonreplaced element, you must declare a width for that element. Otherwise, according to the CSS specification, the element’s width will tend toward zero. Thus, a floated paragraph could literally be one character wide, assuming one character is the browser’s minimum value for width. If you fail to declare a width value for your floated elements, you could end up with something like Figure 1-4. ) Figure 1-4. Floated text without an explicit width No floating at all There is one other value for float besides left and right.

In practice, some browsers do not do this correctly. Instead, they will increase the height of a parent element so that the floated element is contained within it, even though this results in a great deal of extra blank space within the parent element. 1 clarified one aspect of floated-element behavior, which is that a floated element will expand to contain any floated descendants. gif" style="float: left;"> The 'div' will stretch around the floated image because the 'div' has been floated.

On a related note, consider backgrounds and their relationship to floated elements that occur earlier in the document, which is illustrated in Figure 1-16.

5em); /* same as previous */ An interesting addition to inset shapes is the ability to round the corners of the shape once the inset has been calculated. The syntax (and effects) are identical to the border-radius property. 5em/5px); Setting a different rounding radius in each corner is also simple, and follows the usual replication pattern, except it starts form the top left instead of the top. So if you have more than one value, they’re in the order TL-TR-BR-BL (TiLTeR-BuRBLe), and are filled in by copying declared values in for the missing values.

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