Council of Wyrms (AD&D 2nd Ed Fantasy Roleplaying, by Bill Slavicsek

By Bill Slavicsek

Inside of you will find: * A 64-page principles ebook packed jam-packed with ideas for developing and taking part in dragon, kindread, and half-dragon participant characters * A 64-page crusade e-book detailing a dragon's crusade and the mythical Council of Wyrms, revealing the secrets and techniques of dragonking and outlining new player-character kits * A 64-page Adventures publication to problem the most powerful dragon characters * 12 full-color reference playing cards * three full-color posters, together with a dragon's size-comparison chart, a map of the dragons' island domestic, and a advisor to the dragon clans.

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The vial can be found in one turn of searching. There is a secret door behind the reading stand. If the door is found, it cannot be opened except with a knock spell or by throwing a bit of the powdered diamonds directly at it. The reading stand is empty. 10. GORMUNDEL’S TREASURE ROOM As the door opens, you see that you are peering into total blackness. The blackness is caused by the continual darkness spell Gormundel has placed here. Careful inspection of the room will show that it is apparently completely empty.

For purposes of dispel magic spells, assume that the spell caster was 18th level. Characters who attempt to disbelieve in the raft should be allowed a save vs. Spells at +2. Those who save will no longer see the raft, but will still see the river. Characters who attempt to disbelieve the river should be allowed a save vs. Spells. Those who save will see that what appeared to be a river is in fact nothing but a huge, dry ditch, 20’ deep and 60’ across. Characters who attempt to disbelieve the dry ditch should also be allowed to save vs.

Normal equipping of the party is assumed to take place after the initial encounter. JUBELO shield +2 long sword +1, Nine Lives Stealer (2 uses left) potion of super heroism horn of Valhalla (bronze) (summons 2-8 4th level Berserkers for 6 turns, AC 4; MV 9”; F4; hp 24 each; #AT 1 at +2 or 2; D by weapons type; armed with battle axe and spear) ERLO phylactery of faithfulness potion of extra-healing mace +2 incense of meditation (1 piece) Clerical spells allowed: 5 x First Level, 5 x Second Level, 1 x Third Level Magic User spells allowed: 4 x First Level, 2 x Second Level, 1 x Third Level Spells in Spell Book: First level: burning hands, dancing lights, enlarge, friends, jump, read magic, sleep, Tenser’s Floating Disc Second level: audible glamour, darkness 15’radius, invisibility, mirror image, knock, levitate, web, wizard lock Third level: monster summoning, clairvoyance, slow, fireball PERIN dagger +2, +3 vs.

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