Copernicus and the Aristotelian Tradition: Education, by André Goddu

By André Goddu

Drawing on a part century of scholarship, of Polish stories of Copernicus and Cracow college, and of Copernicus's resources, this ebook deals a complete re-examination of Copernicus's success, and explains his dedication to the uniform, round

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The requirement for the computus could be fulfilled by lectures on Computum chirometralem, the Calendarium of Regiomontanus, or even the Sphera mundi of John of Sacrobosco. For logic instructors lectured on the Tractatus (Summulae logicales) of Peter of Spain,69 the Parva logicalia,70 and on the texts of Aristotle, the Ars vetus (De interpretatione and Categories), the Prior and Posterior Analytics, and Sophistical Refutations. ” Classes and exercises on logic constituted nearly half of the curriculum for the bachelor’s degree.

50 Morawski, 257; Moraw, 349–351. 51 The statement by Albert Caprinus of Buk in 1542 that Copernicus by his own acknowledgement first acquired at Cracow the fundamentals of mathematics and other skills indicates at the very least that Copernicus did not deny his indebtedness to the university. See Rosen, “Biography,” 316; cf. Hilfstein, Starowolski’s Biographies, 39 and 90–91. I have taken Buk’s statement that Copernicus drew the admirable things that he wrote and would write in mathematics from the university as a source (ex fonte) to refer to his education at the university.

The hypothesis was refuted by Schmauch, “Jugend,” 100–108, who demonstrated that Lucas spent very little time in Włocławek. See also Biskup and Dobrzycki, 31. Nevertheless, Markowski, “Piętnastowieczna filozofia,” 23–37, at 24–25, revived the hypothesis based on the presence of Nicholas Wodka in Włocławek. Wodka learned astronomy in Cracow at a level that enabled him to lecture on the subject in Bologna in 1479–1480. He lived in Włocławek from 1485 on. If Copernicus was his student, he may also have received from Wodka one of his manuscripts of philosophical-theological content.

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