Concentration: An Outline for Practical Study (Mandala by Mouni Sadhu

By Mouni Sadhu

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Many people have studied and reached great ability in performing asanas and the artificial methods of rhythmical breathing and retention of breath, and despite all this they died without reaching any worth-while mind control, let alone Samadhi. e. pranayamas and asanas) which might be useful for him as a being still coping with physical conditions. But he should firmly remember, that all of them are by no means decisive factors, as his own will-power is exclusively the major one. If the student then wishes to engage in a wider and higher search, the more advanced degree of his development must be aided by the grace of a true spiritual master.

The monks placed the only available chair outside the Saint's humble dwelling. When the coach arrived the servants brought the helpless man before St Seraphim and placed him in the waiting chair. ' Said the Smiling Saint. The patient who could only Speak with great difficulty murmured: 'I am dying, my Father. I can no longer move. ' laughingly said Seraphim. ' 'Why do you mock me, Father? You see that I am unable to move even one step,' sadly replied the Governor. 'All right, all right but we shall try it in God's name,' And so saying, the Saint took the sick man's hand in his own meagre palm and gently raised the inert body from its Seat.

Such a faith cannot be expected or required of beginners, but at least, there should be a positive attitude towards this work, which is solely in the interest of the student himself. I am not suggesting that there should be any 'blind faith' in my statements, but only an honest investigation, deliberation and decision about them. If you lack any positive attitude, even after your mental efforts to acquire the same, then it may be a sign that it is not your path. No dogmatic assertion is being made that the way given in this book is the only one―or even―the shortest or easiest leading to the aim.

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