Compensation in the Perception of Verticality: Some Remarks by Norbert Bischof

By Norbert Bischof

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Maybe you should have taken these gardening aspirations a little more seriously. Yet you refuse to be intimidated. You grab a handful of precious seed. With a flourish you toss the seed toward the wasteland. You do the same with the next bag of seed. And the next. You have a nagging feeling that this may not be the way to guarantee a glorious garden. Some of the seeds may not take root, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. You empty all the bags of seed over the parched soil and weeds.

45 The Marriage Garden As I examine my life for examples of goodness, I think of my fifth-grade teacher, Rhea Bailey, who was a warm and loving presence in my life. I think of Ray Gilbert, my high school trig teacher, who inspired me to be kind and to love life. I’m reminded of Phil Ellis, an administrator in the school system where I first taught, who made me think I could do something creative with my life. Closer to home, I can remember the great times that my brother, Alan, and I had. Or I can recollect our scuffles.

26 Commitment • What have you invested toward creating a vibrant marriage garden of your relationship? As you listen to your heart, what more do you feel you would like to do to make your marriage flourish? Different Kinds of Commitment Scholars who study commitment talk about three kinds of commitment. The first is attraction. This might be called the “want to” commitment because a person is drawn toward the partner. Some people are committed to a relationship because of the sexual rewards and satisfactions of the relationship.

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