Communication in Interpersonal Relationships by Donald P. Cushman

By Donald P. Cushman

The matter of verbal exchange in interpersonal relationships is a valuable subject matter in our age.

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The twentieth century has witnessed a rapid growth in population throughout the world which has placed a serious strain upon the world's resources. The unequal distribution of these resources has forced an interdependence between cultures. Americans are in need of European manufactured goods, Arab oil, and rare minerals found in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and the countries located on these continents are in turn in need of our food, arms, and technology. America's national interests and goals can be achieved only with the cooperation of other nations.

For example, I may want you to see me not only as intelligent and aggressive but also as fair and friendly. Third, we need to recognize through interaction others' conceptions of themselves and the role their self-concepts play in either supporting or limiting our presentation of self. For example, others may feel that in order to be fair one must not be aggressive. This may severely limit my own ability to construct and sustain my vision of self as both an aggressive and a fair person. Finally, we need to realize that who we are in interaction, our self-concept, is a subtle interaction between our own desires and communication skills and the desires of others for us and their communication skills.

Inquiry into the processes and problems involved in establishing, maintaining, and terminating such interpersonal relationships as those existing between friends, lovers, and mates has been the focus of numerous movies, television series, books, magazines, and newspaper articles. Many of these inquiries are based on myths, fantasies, or the exploration of non-traditional life styles. This book is an investigation of the traditional principles, processes, and skills involved in fitting together the separate lines of behavior of individuals into mutually satisfying interpersonal relationships through the process of communication.

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