Commitments by Barbara Delinsky

By Barbara Delinsky

Based Sabrina Stone speaks with investigative reporter Derek McGill for just a couple of minutes, however it is lengthy adequate to inform her all that she must learn about this being concerned guy. while Derek is convicted of homicide, Sabrina starts off a struggle for his freedom.

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It was -argue my case, you're wasting your time. My lawyer. ' %She pressed damp palms to her skirt. ''m not a! ' r. why are you here? ' IN 0. Tity 2 0. sarcasm gave his voice a brittle edge. ' I rk 5:@@-Her hand returned to her arm and began to knead O. Mat same spot just above the elbow. ', Derek ... ' Why am I here? Because you understood. "Jhe punishing glance he shot her was an effective -off. "Not an original line/ he snapped. ''ve heard it ' from my glib ex-colleagues who've traipsed out re looking for a scoop,'and it doesn't hold water.

Li. ow s were scattered less randomly, so that no was more than nine or ten feet from reach. Ihere was no sign of Derek. unsure of what to do, but feeling distinctly awka af having been abandoned by her escort just rd ter the door, Sabrina crossed to a pair of chairs t was removed from the others. She sank into one, d her coat across her lap and set to studying the Wdes on her palm caused by her tight grip on her Moments later, a door opened on the far side of the Sh looked up. Her heartbeat tripped, then sped.

She asked, nervously fingering the leather strap of her shoulder bag. ' The guard tossed his chin toward a long wooden bench behind and to Sabrina's right. ' down. " Sabrina envisioned a review of her character that would take hours. ' I have ... time is limited. ' The guard let the firm set of his mouth speak for directed another, more pointed glance at the which was the last thing of creating a stir, wanted to do, she had no choice but to obey. she sat and watched and waited, all the while trying t e h butterflies in her stomach.

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