Combustion diagnostics by nonintrusive methods by T D McCay; J A Roux; American Institute of Aeronautics and

By T D McCay; J A Roux; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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This time resolution is desirable in rapidly fluctuating systems. A telescope was placed after the output mirror to control divergence and optically match the YAG beam at the sample volume. An optical flat was also inserted following the telescope to adjust the horizontal position of the dye beam for phase matching. The remainder of the green laser beam was split into two equal components to form the two GObeams for L BOXCARS24 generation. The BOXCARS arrangement allows the spatial resolution to be controlled by the interaction volume of the crossed laser beams.

00 X (cm) 8 . 9 0 Fig. 8 RMS temperature contour of the flame-sheath region of the turbulent flame. CARS THERMOMETRY AND N2 NUMBER DENSITY 33 This sheath is extremely hot and will be discussed in more detail later. The overall picture of the flame given by the contour is one of a symmetric flame system in contrast to that indicated by the high-speed cin£ photographs. While the average temperature contour is useful for identifying average flame characteristics, the fluctuation contour shown in Fig.

Dayton, Ohio Abstract An extensive X-Y profiling of a turbulent propane diffusion flame has been conducted and the data analyzed to yield average temperature and temperature fluctuation contour maps. The average temperature contour resembles still photographs of the flame, while the temperature fluctuation contour shows the true nature of the turbulent flame as displayed by 500-frame/s cin£ photographs. Included in the data analysis is a discussion of the probability distribution functions (PDF) which were obtained throughout the flame.

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