College of Wizardry (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons AD&D by Bruce R. Cordell

By Bruce R. Cordell

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The material components are the priest’s holy symbol and a spark struck from flint by a piece of cold iron; a pinch of earth from a dung heap on which plants have grown; a dmp of holy water: a drop of unholy water; and a vial of air from a cavern, mom, 01 passage in which a dragon used its breath weapon within 1 turn of the sealing of the vial. Spark, flint, and iron are all consumed in the casting. Notes: Rare spell from the FORGOITEN RWMS sening, recorded by Volo. 3. Hold Animal \ Histachii Brew -Yuan-Ti Hoar’s Revenance (Alteration) Sphere: Animal, Creation (Necromancy) Level: 4 Range: Touch Components: V, S, M Casting T i e : 1 rd.

The material component is a few drops of sap from an oak or ash tree. The reversed spell, harm frees, infects normal trees with a deadly blight that kills in one week, ur causes 3d8+3 points of damage to a single plantlike monster. The caster is not hanned by touching a plant tu discharge this spell. Notes: Very rare spell for druids. ) Healing Hand (Necromanq) Sphere: Healing Level: 4 Range: Touch Components: V, S, M Casting Time: 7 Duration: Instantaneous Area of Effect: Creature touched Saving Throw: None This spell increases the benefit of one previously cast curative spell, adding an additional 3d4 points of benefit to any healing magic that heals damage cast within the preceding 24 hours.

Level Area of Effect: Special Saving Throw: Neg. The holdplant spell affects vegetable matter as follows: 1) it causes ambulatory vegetation to cease moving; 2) it prevents vegetable matter from entwining, grasping, closing, or growing; 3) it prevents vegetable matter from making any sound or movement that is not caused by wind. The spell effects apply to all forms of vegetation, including parasitic and fungoid types, and those magically animated or otherwise magically empowered. It affects such monsters as green slime, molds of any sort, shambling mounds, shriekers, treants, and so on The duration of a holdplant spell is one round per level of experience of the caster.

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