Castle Sites (Ad&D Accessory) by Sam Witt, Eric Olson

By Sam Witt, Eric Olson

Fortress websites deals a desirable and specific check out the workings of 7 significant fortresses:

Kaurak Kholzil, a dwarven bastion outfitted into the face of a cliff to guard a wealthy adamantium mine;

Cloud maintain, the flying fort of a typhoon vast clan;

Dragon's Coffin, equipped to maintain an historic black dragon trapped within its subterranean lair; plus a walled valley, the ruined fortress of a lich, a border fortress, and a frontier outpost.

Each access incorporates a description of the site's visual appeal, background, and format, an in depth floorplan, entire info at the NPCs who reside (or died) there, and event hooks to attract participant characters into the environment.

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The crypt looks down over the ruins of the town that grew up around the magic pool to cater to those who came seeking D iderius’s wisdom. The town once nestled into a canyon between two bluffs, but only a few ruined stone structures and the slab foundations of administrative and temple buildings now remain. Cave entrances dot the bluffs, marking former residences and simple tombs. None of the ruins hold anything of value or interest, but the caves offer safe places for the party to rest. eneral F eatures Unless otherwise specified, the floor and w alls of the dungeon are sandstone blocks and flagstones.

Characters who chose well when speaking with the statues in area 1 are struck by a sudden thought when they enter this area: “Some secrets are not meant for mortal minds to know. ” Statue Trap. W hen the first adventurer passes the halfway point of the room, the sound of grinding stone announces the statues turning their cowled heads to follow the characters’ movements. The characters must not look into the darkness in the statues’ hoods. Any character who does must make a D C 15 Wisdom saving throw against a suggestion spell.

The dwarf headed into the Serpent H ills after killin g the yuan-ti. T h e Se r p e n t H ills Good weather and the fact that Varram and his large party were moving with haste makes their trail into the hills easy to follow. From Boareskyr Bridge, the adventurers pursue the dwarf into the Serpent H ills —a swath of badlands, mesas, and rocky plateaus sprinkled with trees and tall grass. Varram’s trail leads some sixty-five miles north-northeast. Lizardfolk and nagas, trolls and giants, and the treacherous yuan-ti all lurk in the Serpent H ills, amid the tombs and ruined settlements of more than one fallen civilization.

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