By Any Name by Katherine John

By Katherine John

Pschological crime mystery

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The Story of Zahra

With greater than 21,000 copies in print of  Women Of Sand And Myrrh, and extra than  15,000 copies of the tale Of  Zahra, Hanan al-Shaykh is the simplest recognized and most  admired lady author of the Arab global. The paperback  publication of Zahra will bring  this passionate and brave novel to a much  larger crew of readers.

Border Prey

Even homicide is larger In TexasPrimates are being smuggled over the Mexican border, and U. S. Fish and natural world Agent Racheal Porter has a scorching tip that they are hidden someplace at the satisfied looking Ranch. undesirable sufficient that the sport ranch presents infrequent antelopes, Indian deer, and African oryx for the wealthy to seek.

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Britt Barlow is bound her media magnate brother-in-law Jeremiah Addison's deadly tumble a yr in the past was once no coincidence -- specifically for the reason that she herself came upon, and disposed of, the journey twine somebody had strung around the stairs. Now she's bringing all who have been in attendance that weekend again to Golden Silk -- Addison's sumptuous secluded island property -- and welcoming additional visitors, Annie and Max Darling, to aid discover a killer.

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Golden brown curling leaves interspersed with vast swathes of dry saffron-coloured grass sweeping upwards to high peaks, only just visible beneath crowns of low-hanging cloud. Up there the air would be cool; clean and pure enough to intoxicate a man more than a dozen whiskies ever could. And all around, as far as the eye could see, smooth weathered hills ribboned with frothing streams water-falling down the slopes. At this time of the year, everything would be veiled in a mist that sometimes, but not always, obscured the icing of snow in the deeper valleys and higher pinnacles.

The two porters continued to wheel their trolley along the corridor towards the sister’s office. The corporal moved into the doorway of West’s room to allow them to pass. They drew the high sided wagon alongside the soldiers and stopped. Both porters turned. Twin thuds resounded simultaneously. The 53 first porter scanned the corridor. They had timed it well. Two of the staff were on tea break in the canteen and the others were busy in the four-bedded side wards. Opening the door to West’s room he pushed the body of the soldier nearest to him inside.

I think forty might be pushing it,’ Elizabeth sat back in her chair. ’ ‘But you can’t just take a man into custody without having the slightest idea who he is,’ she protested. ’ Dave looked blank. ‘The World Peace and Disarmament Conference. It was all over the news this morning,’ Elizabeth reminded him. ‘I must have missed it,’ Dave said uninterestedly. ‘Look, we’ve signed your Official Secrets Act, so we can hardly go running to the press. You wouldn’t even be here if you didn’t have some idea who he is.

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