Bookmarked to Die (Miss Zukas Mysteries) by Jo Dereske

By Jo Dereske

Librarian extraordinaire omit Helma Zukas wakes up at the morning of her forty-second birthday within the throes of a couple of midlife obstacle. Her championing a suite of neighborhood authors' works ignites a firestorm of jealousy and anger in Bellehaven. She's blackmailed via her conniving boss, library director may perhaps Apple Moon, into attending team counseling periods - and of the individuals ensue useless. An obnoxiously bubbly new librarian is popping the pinnacle of Helma's longtime admirer, Police leader Wayne Gallant. And worst of all, her uncuddly tom cat spouse, Boy Cat Zukas disappears.

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Ruth asked. The label was expensive, slightly risqué, the fabric feather light. Helma ran her fingers across the delicate seams, thinking she and Aunt Em shared surprisingly similar, but very private, tastes. Ruth lay sprawled on Helma’s sofa with Boy Cat Zukas on her belly, his eyes closed. “Nothing’s changed here,” she said, gazing around Helma’s apartment. “Consistency in an inconstant world. ” Ruth laughed her big laugh. “I might call it . ” The voice came through the screen door from the balcony of the next apartment.

Mmm. ” Helma retrieved Ms. Moon’s list of group sessions from her Specious Solicitations file and gave it to Ruth. ’ ” She shook the paper. “These are group sessions. ” Helma nodded glumly. ” “That’s ridiculous. ” Helma pulled plates and glasses from her cupboard beside the sink. ” “Geeze . . Work,”—Ruth held out to her side one fist, then held out the other on the opposite side of her body—“Life. It’s like separation of Church and State. ” When Helma didn’t answer, Ruth sighed and held up her “work” fist like a winner.

Helma spotted Glory Shandy by the door holding a stack of photocopied brochures, gazing up at Ruth with open mouth. Helma had read once in a well-researched and ex- BOOKMARKED TO DIE 37 cruciatingly documented history of the Peloponnesian War that a commander’s well-timed decision to withdraw while his troops were still able to fight could ultimately not only win the battle, but the war as well. So with her lips only a half inch from the microphone, Helma announced in her silver dime voice that left listeners without rebuttal, “Thank you all for coming.

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