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Daring: audace, audacieux, hardi, osant, aventurant. faces: faces. false: faux, perfide, feint. foul: fétide, faute, engagé, salir. hearts: coeurs. honourable: honorable. hour: heure. husband: mari, époux. husbands: maris. joyous: joyeux. led: menâmes, conduisîtes, conduisit, conduisis, conduit, conduisirent, conduisîmes, menèrent, menas, menâtes, mena. lest: de peur que. mirror: miroir, glace, miroir hertzien, rétroviseur. plague: peste, fléau. race: course, race, se précipiter, s'élancer, chemin de roulement, raz.

Wanders: erre, vague. yearned: soupira, soupirèrent, soupiré, soupirâtes, soupiras, soupirâmes, soupirai, languit, languis, languirent, languîmes. yields: cède. Euripides 27 Hath met and crushed them! And must thou, then, turn And struggle? Sprang there from thy father's blood Thy %little soul a11 lonely? Or the god That rules thee, is he other than our gods? Nay, yield thee to men's ways, and kiss their rods! How many, deem'st thou, of men good and wise Know their own home's blot, and avert their eyes?

Turning upon her] Give thou not such light counsel! Let me be To sate the Cyprian that is murdering me! To-day shall be her day; and, all strife past Her bitter Love shall quell me at the last. Yet, dying, shall I die another's bane! He shall not stand so proud where I have lain Bent in the dust! Oh, he shall stoop to share The life I live in, and learn mercy there! ] French beyond: plus loin, après, outre, ensuite. clutch: embrayage, saisir, agripper. coil: bobine, serpentin, enroulement, rouleau.

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