Bioremediation of Petroleum and Petroleum Products by James G. Speight, Karuna K. Arjoon

By James G. Speight, Karuna K. Arjoon

With petroleum-related spills, explosions, and healthiness matters within the headlines virtually on a daily basis, the problem of remediation of petroleum and petroleum items is taking over expanding value, for the survival of the environment, our planet, and our future.  This publication is the 1st of its sort to discover this tough factor from an engineering and medical viewpoint and supply recommendations and average classes of motion

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For example, where there is insufficient dissolved oxygen, bioventing or sparging is applied, while biostimulation or bioaugmentation is suitable for instances where the biological count is low. The bioventing process combines an increased oxygen supply with vapor extraction. A vacuum is applied at some depth in the contaminated soil, which draws air down into the soil from holes drilled around the site, and sweeps out any volatile organic compounds. The development and application of venting and bioventing for in situ removal of petroleum from soil have been shown to remediate hydrocarbons by venting and biodegradation (van Eyk, 1994).

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