Biology Dictionary by Elizabeth Martin, Robert Hine

By Elizabeth Martin, Robert Hine

Totally revised and up to date for the 7th version, this market-leading dictionary is the fitting advisor for a person learning biology, both in class or college.

With greater than 5,500 transparent and concise entries, it presents entire insurance of biology, biophysics, and biochemistry. Over 250 new entries comprise phrases comparable to Broca's area, comparative genomic hybridization, mirror neuron, and Pandoravirus.

Appendices comprise classifications of the animal and plant kingdoms, the geological time scale, significant mass extinctions of species, version organisms and their genomes, Nobel prizewinners, and a brand new appendix on evolution.

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There may be a general $leepjng/waking’ difference; but it is less clear that there is a continuum of levels of awareness or responsiveness during either of these st,ates. The phenomenology of arousal may be correlated with neural activity in the RETI cu LA R F OR M A TI o N of the medulla, hypothalamus and cortex of the verteI brate brain. Physiological processes which facilitate certain behaviours include hormone release and endogenous rhythms. Both . may then be said to be arousal mechanisms, or to affect motivation.

In roots, two types of apical meristem occur, one in which vascular cylinder, cortex and root cap can be traced to distinct layers of cells in the promeristem, and a second type in which ali tissues have a common origin in one group of promeristem cells. In contrast to those of stems, apical meristems of roots provide only for growth in length, lateral roots originating some distance from apex and, endogenously, from pericycle. 36 APQCARPOUS APOCARPOUS. g. buttercup. See FLO WER. APOCRINE GLAND.

AUERB#CHWPL~XUS. That part of the autonomic nervous system in vertebrates (mostly from the vagus nerve) lying between the two main muscle layers of the gut and controlling its peristaltic movements. ~ AURICLE. ) ’ (1) Often used synonymously with atria1 heart chamber (see ATRIUM). (2) External ear of vertebrates. ) Smalf\ ear- or claw-like appendage occurring one on each side at the bases of leaf-blades in certain plants. AU~RAUAN -REGION. ACE'S LINE. AUSTRALOPITHECINE. Member of genus Australopithecus, no- exl tin&; of the primate family Hominidae (see HOMINID).

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