Back-Pressure Data on Natural-Gas Wells and Their by Edwin Lee Rawlins

By Edwin Lee Rawlins

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3 ......... 4 ...... ·1 5 ......... 0 I' ........ 2 ......... 3 ......... 4 ......... 5 ......... 1 1 2 , TestB .. " .. .. .. I Curves A, B. and C, fig. 9. Curve A. fig. 9. per 24 hours 2 ........ 3 ........ 4 ........ .. .. , \ 484 533 568 591 I I Q. B. fig. 9. Curve C. fig. 9. S Curve 4 pressure data are shown in figure 9. The data and calculations applicable to the well are given in table 12. The shut-in pressure at the wellhead before liquid was removed from the well bore was 478 pounds per square inch gage.

9 14,623 10,471 8,396 4,402 .. .. ...... 24bours .. Curves A, B, and C, fig. 7. \U'Ve A, fig. 7. Pressure of liquid column in well COIIIidered, curve C, fig. 7. back-pressure tests on a large gas well in the Depew field, Oklahoma, are shown in figure 7, curves A, B, C, D, and E. The well was" blown" wide open to the atmosphere during the interval between the back-pressure tests. 708 was produced from a depth of approximately 3,165 feet through 8f-inch casing. nd the results of the calculations of the data are shown in table 7.

Calculate values of Ps, the back pressure at the sand, corresponding to different rates of flow. a. The working pressure P w at the wellhead corresponding to the rate of flow of 5,090,000 cubic feet per 24 hours=405+13=418 pounds per square inch absolute. Similarly, the values of P w for the second, third, and fourth observations are respectively 404, 383, and 356 pounds per square inch absolute. h. 02. c. 27X10"":'13 (see table 34, appendix 5). Similarly, values 71 See appendix 2. 2S The cgefficients us~d for computing the rates of flow were for the no.

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